Unlocking Pet Protection: How Does My Fur Baby Safeguard Your Furry Companion? 

Step 1: Place our entryway sticker to alert first responders.

Step 2: Carry our emergency identification card for home-alone pet notifications.

Step 3: Rest easy knowing that Save My Fur Baby will swiftly connect you and emergency contacts during pet emergencies, ensuring prompt action and peace of mind.

How does Save My Fur Baby work?

Protecting Pets with
Save My Fur Baby

Unlock Exceptional Pet Protection for FREE!
Get peace of mind and enhanced pet safety through the Save My Fur Baby program, including free safety kits, entryway stickers, emergency identification cards, and seamless communication with first responders and emergency contacts.

Ensuring Pet Safety in Emergencies: Our Commitment to Protecting Fur Babies

Save My Fur Baby is dedicated to safeguarding the well-being of pets in emergencies. Through our free safety kits, which include entryway stickers and emergency identification cards, we provide pet owners with a reliable system to alert first responders and emergency contacts, ensuring swift action and peace of mind when it matters most.

Protecting Pets in Emergencies

Ensuring Their Safety When It Matters Most

Providing Peace of Mind for Pet Owners: Rapid Response Alerts and Resources in Pet Emergencies.

Save My Fur Baby, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, has been a lifeline since its establishment in 2022, ensuring pet owners’ peace of mind through our free life-saving Save My Fur Baby safety kits. Count on us to be there when you need us most, because the safety and well-being of your beloved fur baby are our top priority.

Who needs the protection of Save My Fur Baby?

If you or a loved one…

  • Pet owners who want to ensure the safety of their furry companions during emergencies.
  • Individuals who live alone with pets and may require assistance or notification in case of a personal emergency.
  • Elderly or disabled pet owners who may have limited mobility or communication abilities during emergencies.
  • Families with busy schedules or frequent travelers who want to provide a safety net for their pets when they are away from home.

Protecting Pets in Emergencies: Ensuring Their Safety When It Matters Most

Experience peace of mind with Save My Fur Baby’s free safety kits, equipped with entryway stickers and emergency identification cards. Our reliable system alerts first responders and emergency contacts, ensuring swift action and your pet’s well-being during critical situations.

Rapid Emergency Alerts

Receive instant notifications when your pet is in danger, allowing you to take swift action and ensure their safety.

Emergency Identification Card

Carry our wallet-sized card to inform emergency personnel that your pet is home alone, ensuring prompt attention and care.

First Responder Awareness

By displaying our entryway sticker, alert first responders that there are pets inside who need rescue and care.

Peace of Mind While Away

When you're away from home, rest assured knowing that your pet is protected and that emergency contacts will be alerted.

Reliable Communication

Our QR code system enables first responders to easily contact you or your emergency contacts in case of an emergency at home.

Free Safety Kit

Order our free Save My Fur Baby safety kit, including stickers and an emergency identification card, to kick-start your pet's protection plan effortlessly.

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